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Thursday, 16 November 2017

The Best Goalkeeper We Ever Had

The only thing that got me out of another day in London is that today is my friend’s funeral but not exactly the reason you want to get out of a work’s engagement.

I drive over and pick up my other friend from school, the one that was part of our drinking threesome in the Brunswick. My brother comes to join us as he also knew him very well. We were all part of the same six-a-side football team and he was the best goalkeeper we ever had.

There is a huge turnout and standing room only in the church. He was a popular chap. In the Lawns afterwards there is even a photo of the football team up on the wall and many of the old team are there amongst a reunion of school friends. Most of whom I don’t remember and some I haven’t seen for years. It was good to talk to and get back in touch with many of them as email addresses are exchanged.

I get home to find that L has apparently been shopping in Orlando. Either that or her credit card has been cloned. The latter, I think.

(Thursday 16th November)

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