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Thursday 30 November 2017

Noel Edmonds Day

L and I are both grumbling about Christmas cards. She's getting as bah humbug as me. Is it too early to be bah humbug? What with it not even being December yet.

Does anyone ever read them? We haven’t even got room to put ours up. Not that I send many these days as most people feel like I do, that they’re a waste of time. I have my cards down to just five now, which isn’t too arduous but it's still arduous enough.

Work are also attempting to nag me into the Secret Santa but I’m holding firm as I am as regards Christmas Jumper Day. I believe even Noel Edmonds is over such things.

In the evening, L runs in Sherwood where there’s snow on the ground. Yes, it’s grim up north. While I’m playing Squash. She says go easy on the patient. I'm not sure if she means my forever ill/injured opponent or Doggo.

There is a real treat afterwards when Tiny Rebel’s Stay Puft Chocolate Marshmallow Porter pops up on draft in the Dispensary. That rather out brags L who is trying to seduce me over to the Doctors Orders where she says she’ll have a Market Harborough Dry Stout waiting for me and she’ll drive me home. She knows how to sweet talk me.

She’s in there with Daughter, who has now had official confirmation that she's passed the police interrogation with flying colours and she now heads on to the next stage of the recruitment.

(Thursday 30th November)

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