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Monday 6 November 2017

Ongoing Obsession

L questions my ongoing obsession with fruit case, suggests I might be bored with it and would I like her to make something different. Something different to a fruit cake?  Hmmm. Suggestions on a postcard.

I think I might be frustrating the chef’s creativity, I suppose it isn’t exactly Bake Off worthy. The only variation I fancied was with ginger but we never really got that to work. L suggests adding touch of chilli. Not sure I fancy that. She’ll be leaving me for someone who is more exciting in the cake department.

L goes to running club in the evening, although it would probably be best not to... she promises me she’ll be going out with the beginners.

I’m at dog training where MD develops a bit of a hobble and I have to lower the jumps for him. I hope he’s not losing his paw for heights, not with Crufts coming up.

(Monday 6th November)

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