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Tuesday 21 November 2017

Worrying Dog Developments

As is usual now, we walk a dog each in the mornings. Then I take the car to work as there's a match tonight.

L skives off work early to go see her folks in the middle of the day. While the boss is away... and all that.

Back home later L reports several puddles and then the distressing news that Doggo seems to have lost the use of back legs, won’t eat and barely seems to know where he is. I head home straight after the match to find him in quite a bad way. Every time I try to stand him up he wobbles over sideways. I carry him up the stairs to bed but he won’t settle on his bed and I lift him onto ours. For the first time in many years he seems happy to sleep between us.

I lie with my arm around him, unable to sleep, while getting my head around this being the end and first thing in the morning we’ll be at the vet with him getting confirmation of that.

About 4am, he sits up and seems to want to get off the bed. I help him off and he wobbles, without falling over, to his bed where he curls up and goes back to sleep.

(Tuesday 21st November)

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