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Tuesday 11 March 2014

A Considerable Honour

L is in London for work today, so I have the considerable honour of walking the dogs. Which is, of course, a pleasure as well as an honour. MD has just the one altercation and I can safety say, in his defence, that he didn’t start it.

With L not due back until late, in the evening I take the dogs to the football match as Derby are at home again for the second time in four days, against Bolton Wanderers. They again fail to win, drawing this time.

I don’t actual take them into the match of course but park them at work, which is well out of the way but will at least give Doggo a chance to do some people watching. MD will simply sleep I assume. The downside for L though is that she’ll have no one to chuck balls for when she gets home from London.

(Tuesday 11th March)

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