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Sunday, 9 March 2014


My legs and Doggo’s are both spared this morning as L takes MD for a run. Instead I walk Doggo down to the paper shop, which is probably enough for both of us.

Having struggled on with my old iphone 3GS despite its battery life now being down to a maximum of two hours and therefore I can’t really go anywhere that hasn’t got a charging point to hand. After umming and ahhing for ages I decide to jump up to the iphone 5 even if that does mean putting up with the awful new iOS7 which thankfully wasn’t compatible with the 3GS.

In the evening we head over to Leamington to see Son and his partner. We’d fancied a curry in a place called Hot Rock which we were really impressed by last time we went. It was busy as well but clearly not busy enough because as we pull up outside it is to find an empty unit, the place having closed down.

Instead we follow the crowds to the Paprika Club, which is busy and nowhere else is. So it must be good. Right? 

No. They take an age to serve us any food, so they end up offering us the starters for free and some free drinks at the end. Disappointingly this still isn’t a very good deal as the food is terribly dull.

(Sunday 9th March)

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