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Thursday, 20 March 2014

A Solid Block

Today is my third day cycling in a row. I think that’s what they call a solid block. I'm getting quicker as well. 54:15 for the ride home tonight, that’s my quickest since September. I was a lot younger then.

Emerging from our pub lunch I think you can describe the weather as a bit foul. Actually, I think you can remove the words ‘a bit’ from that sentence. I cycle home in the wet which is totally my fault for cleaning the bike last night.

I win a game at squash, Yay and L joins us at the ‘centre’ (they’ve dropped the word leisure). L decided against running in the wet and did half an hour on treadmill instead. Hmmm, think I’d have taken my chances with the rain.

(Thursday 20th March)

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