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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Off-Road WAG

I cycle again and at lunchtime, I for another run. 5.58km in 27:58, hardly gold medal pace.

L spends the morning in McDonalds with her folks, drinking coffee. Three of them and McD don't do decaff. She says she’s got the shakes now, I’m not surprised.

This weekend we have the Cheshire Cat Cycle Sportive then beyond that I’m contemplating the Derwent Duathlon the weekend after. This consists of a 29k bike ride sandwiched between a 4.5k fell run and 6.5k road run, you can choose which run to do first. I didn't fancy the off-road run but I’m warming to it. Needs must.
L is horrified. OMG, how can I possibly be an off-road WAG without THOSE boots? Off-road WAG? Makes her sound like a 4x4. She best get persuading PDQ then. She’s already supposed to be tapping me up for the next Audible audiobook credit. Could be quite a night. 

(Wednesday 19th March)

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