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Friday, 21 March 2014

Out To Tender

MD has obviously seen the half marathon training plan that L has left on the worktop and is gradually increasing the pace of their morning walk. Well, perhaps actually not that gradually and that’s just a warm up before she runs into work.  

L asks if I can take her to see West Side Story AND Rock of Ages in the SAME year. Blimey, two musicals, she’ll be asking for new boots next. Oh, she already has done. I’m happy to take her of course but I do mention that I wouldn’t feel offered if she offered it out to tender to other likely companions first.

I run myself this evening, part of the way home and L walks the boys up to meet me. For me, anything that reduces the distance is welcome. For her, it’s less a case of wanting to see me and more a case of getting out of a ball chucking session in the garden. MD, of course, will expect both. 

(Friday 21st March)

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