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Monday, 17 March 2014

Formation Breaststroke

Back to work. L is snowed under but still desperate to get to the gym and to a pump class. I’ll be home about midnight she says. Now that would be an impressive session.

At my work we’re undergoing a bit of a merger at the moment and this is causing a lot of people to leave voluntarily. I’m not sure why this is exactly, as no one’s job is actually under threat, as far as I know. Could just be that they see it as a good time to move on but at this rate there won’t be much left here to merge.

Only two days after conquering the Olympic pool I’m back in the 25m one at John Carroll. I get involved in an untidy little duel with the girl in the next lane that backstrokes for a length and then front crawls the next. Her flip turns are certainly giving her the edge and she is aided and abetted by the two girls doing formation breaststroke in my lane. 

Perhaps I ought to have another go at cracking those flip turns, without the head cracking bit.

(Monday 17th March)

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