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Wednesday 26 March 2014

Bicep Strengthening

I run at lunchtime, again doing 5.57km in 27:14. L also runs today. Proving she’s clearly as fit as she looks and not as unfit as she thinks she is.

With hindsight my own run was probably a bad idea as I now have a tight calf ahead of my swim tonight. So I could be using the pull buoy to float my legs for the entire 61 lengths or however many my watch decides I’ve done.

All that bicep strengthening in the water will be good for the ball chucking to come later on. Then again you’d think all the ball chucking would be good bicep strengthening for swimming? Although as I only use one arm to ball chuck, this may explain my inability to keep to a straight line in the water.

(Wednesday 26th March)

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