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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Another Four Day Week

I could get used to these four day weeks, if it wasn’t for the lost training opportunities. So here goes trying to cram five days training into four and there’s another bank holiday looming before my Half Ironman.

I bike to work and the legs seem ok after Sunday. Meanwhile L is being asked at the gym if she’s made room on the mantelpiece for my trophy. I can see I’ll never be able to show my face in the leisure centre again if I don’t win.

Daughter has three hours to go to her dissertation hand in. We’re all on tenterhooks, particularly as she’s got to cut nearly a 1000 words from the final draft. L has been grammar and spell checking it for the last few days.

She sends us a copy of page one, that all looks ok and spelt correctly. Then she sends a copy of the acknowledgements... I’m mentioned in it. I’ve never been mentioned in someone’s Oscar speech before. I’m choked.

L is at the theatre tonight, I outsourced West Side Story. The boys and I wait up, chucking balls to pass the time.

(Tuesday 6th May)

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