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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Force Feeding

I am entered in the Hatton Agility Festival near Warwick today and also in the Mojito Triathlon at Peterborough tomorrow. That is my test event before the big ‘Half Outlaw’ day, which is now only three weeks away.

L is persuaded into supporting at both, so she accompanies me to the dog show, then we will go direct from Warwick to Peterborough and camp overnight on site at Peterborough. I have to register and rack my bike by 6.30am.... so this will make it easier. Oh and then there’s a fairly important playoff game to get back for which is thankfully a 5:15 kick off.

L goes for a run at the show and then I drop her off in Leamington to see Son. MD and I have already cocked up a run by then and go on to mess up a few others later.

We have poles down in everything in the afternoon and a few tunnel refusals. Meaning that our very first run which was messy, slow, madly frustrating and nowhere near as good as it should have been but was clear was our best effort. We get 6th for it. Gobsmacked. It was also in a qualifier where the top five go to Malvern for the final. This is one we have qualified for before but on this occasion I’m quite pleased to have missed out to avoid the long trek down there.

We drive to Peterborough and camp on the patch of wasteland that they’ve designated as the campsite. Then we go for something to eat in the local pub. L force feeds me Abbot Ale, telling me it’ll help me sleep ahead of my event. Who am I to argue?

(Saturday 10th May)

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