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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Another Video Nasty

L goes to work on her bike and promptly makes it rain. As I'm also on the bike, I get wet too.

It’s now two weeks to go, as a helpful email from ‘my coach’ tells me. He’s sent me another video nasty. In which, he goes on about something called tapering, even for those who haven’t trained...

L asks if he’s recommending dog shows and days at Wembley. I imagine days at Wembley are perfect tapering, not sure about the dog show though.

Talking of Wembley, I’ve been spending at the Derby County shop. I fancied a football shirt for Wembley as they’ve reduced them to clear, unfortunately they’d cleared the lot. So I get myself a Play Off t-shirt instead.

I give L a lift over to her parents because having been delayed at work, she can no longer fit in her planned cycled ride over there. The bonus is I now get to meet her for swift one in the Masons pub in Mickleover after dog training.

(Tuesday 20th May)

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