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Friday, 9 May 2014

Lucky Mascot

Having averted L’s jinxedness last night, she is now our lucky mascot. Somehow I’ve got to sneak her into the ground on Sunday for the second leg.

On the bike today and it’s a really good workout as it’s so bloody windy, both directions.

After having battled through the wind again on the way home, I then get my best bike out because I need to attach my new aerobars, so that I can try them out on Sunday. I have already lost count of how many people have enquired whether they are mint or orange? These are most definitely plain vanilla.

This is also apparently a leap into what I am told is seriously serious stuff because only the professionals have aerobars. Well, only them and me.

We stay in and almost finish the Bridge II. One to go. 

(Friday 9th May)

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