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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Devil You Know

John Carroll’s pool was closed for maintenance yesterday and L finds it still shut this morning as they await a new part. I contemplate Bramcote as an alternative for my swim this evening, apparently they have a laned session 6pm till 7pm. 

I ring John Carroll just before I leave work and they confirm they are now open again, although they warn that the pool may be a touch colder than normal. Sounds ideal, it's always too hot in there. Although I'm almost sold on the Bramcote idea, it would be good to try somewhere different and JC will only have just the three lanes open again. Question is... is it better the devil you know or the devil you don’t?

I arrive at Bramcote half an hour before they open. I can't be bothered to hang around, so it's the devil you know then. I drive on to John Carroll which takes up the entire spare half an hour despite the fact it’s only about three miles away.

The pool is quieter than usual and not colder at all, they were wrong about that. In fact it’s much hotter than usual. I hope the part they were waiting for wasn't the thermostat because they seem to have used the one from the sauna instead. 

I crawl out of the pool after almost 70 lengths, unable to bear any more in such heat and feeling like a boiled lobster. I head to dog training.

(Wednesday 7th May)

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