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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Too Much Ball

A bit of a long trek to Worcester today for a dog show. Doggo starts the day off and goes clear. Now to ruin the day and get MD out of the car.

Somehow I get a clear round out of him. It wasn’t quick, it wasn’t pretty and we’re unlikely to get a rosette for it but at least it was clear. He seems tired for some reason, too much ball yesterday I think.

MD isn’t the only one who isn’t quick, my own sprinting isn’t impressive but I can do a mean steady hobble. So all set for tomorrow’s half marathon then.

After a pole down in his second run, his third is another clear. Blimey, two in one day. Sadly we knock poles and mess up the weaves in his last run.

Back home L has cooked naff sausages in anticipation of a rosette. It’s a good job they’re naff ones because we’re only 5th. A rosette is a rosette though and we get another one for 14th in the earlier class where I didn’t think we’d be placed. Makes it look like we did alright after all.

(Saturday 3rd May)

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