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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Counting Down

Ten days to go.

Or only two, if you’re counting down to Wembley as I suppose I ought to be.

Despite a dodgy knee and the rain, I cycle to work. The rain wasn’t too bad once you got out in it and the knee is actually much better today. Squash will be a good test for it later.

We have a mini celebration/commiseration at work. Somebody has been here for 30 years, having joined straight from school. She has problems cramming all the balloons into her car.

After a wet start, the weather has been fine most of the day, then it rains again as I cycle home. Somehow I avoid getting washed away, make it to squash and later to the Riverbank pub. Which we try afterwards. It’s ok but nothing special.

All the rain has wrecked one part of the weekend. Sunday’s dog show is off. So that’s our Crufts Team campaign down the pan. The club had an impressive six teams entered.

(Thursday 22nd May)

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