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Tuesday 27 May 2014

Just Like Paddington Made

Back to work after the bank holiday and its now just five days to go. Still time for some last minute training on bike in the wet. Oh the joy. In the end it’s not too bad and I am merely lightly drizzled upon.

Despite the play off final defeat the Forest fan at work is still very pliant. You just have to whisper 5-0 under your breath and he shuts up.

We head up to Sheffield in the evening to meet Daughter for a post course meal. We go to a place called Mud Crab Industries. It’s an odd menu, a mix of tapas, pizza, burgers, Mexican, Asian, Jamaican, Spanish... My paella is pretty good.

They also have Baked Alaska, which I have always wanted to try since Paddington Bear cooked it when I was about 10 years old but I’ve never ever seen it on a menu before. Paddington, by the way, misread the recipe and thought it said elastic. An easy mistake to make. We try it and its... ok. Nothing too exciting.

(Tuesday 27th May)

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