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Thursday 15 May 2014

The Stapleford Keirin

Today is Daughter’s final day as a student, that is unless she’s continuing as a student, which she wants to do. So just the nerve wracking wait for her results then and the busking on street corners to raise the money to continue studying.

My second day on the bike is followed by a nice reviving pub lunch, a pint and a half decent cottage pie, before cycling home again, with a bit of work in between.

The ride home is interesting, another chap and I end up doing the keirin in Stapleford behind an old lady on one of those battery powered bikes. He’s not the only one I have to race tonight either and just when I wanted to save my legs for squash.

This takes place on very tired legs. They tell you to cross train but I’m not sure anyone recommends chasing a little ball around a squash court for an hour.

(Thursday 15th May)

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