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Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Campaign For Real Pies

L swims this morning and of course there are just four of them, so she gets a lane to herself. A lane to herself? Can someone explain to me how that works. When I swam last night I had half of Nottingham in my lane.

At lunch, we manage to get some food at the Brunswick for once. Although they have yet another new menu, on which they have removed both the pies and the hot sandwiches. Our number one and two options. I try the casserole which appears separately from the potatoes and veg, in an earthenware dish. If they stuck a layer of puff pastry on top they could call it a ‘pie’. Which is not promising because Brunswick pies used to be real pies not pseudo ones. Its early days I suppose.

I get an email from the Half Outlaw people proclaiming four weeks to go. Actually its four weeks and three days, there’s no need to worry me unduly like that.

We change pubs after squash tonight and go to the Larwood and Voce. It’s very disappointing on the beer front though, so I don’t think we’ll be back. 

(Thursday 1st May)

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