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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Phase Three

Phase three is the Burton 10 Mile run from Meadowside Leisure Centre, which is a really nice location with easy parking and good facilities at the leisure centre itself.

So with legs now even more tired after yesterday’s sportive we set out on the two lap course. It is largely flat apart from a half mile or so of gentle climbing half way around. That would have been more tolerable had it not been on the least scenic part of the route through a housing estate.

There are two drinks stations on the lap, both with casks from Burton Bridge Brewery. Sadly the casks have only been filled with water.

It’s hot again, so the dogs are at home and I try out my new running hat. Bought with the Half Ironman in mind, should that also be warm.

At the end they hand over a technical t-shirt and a Mars bar. L hates Mars bar, so I’ll get two. My time 1:23, which is slower than I would normal expect but in the circumstances, acceptable.

In the evening we take the dogs to another local pub, the Admiral Rodney. The two beers I have are dodgy. The first is clearly off and is replaced, the second just not very good. We order a bottle of wine instead of having a third. The food we order is off as well, as in not defrosted yet. I never thought that would stop a pub personally. We reorder and get partial refunds on both beer and food. 

(Sunday 18th May)

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