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Tuesday 26 January 2016

Eying Up The Competition

This morning the wind is romantically howling away outside the bedroom window. Shame we have to get up but Doggo would have a wobbly if we didn’t.

With the wind and rain both predicted to increase in ferocity throughout the day I get the bus and leave the bike at home.

After work I go for a brief pedal on the Watt Bikes. It is mayhem as the gym gets ever popular and particularly the bikes. I manage to get the last of the six before a queue starts to form. I get into my session and eye up the competition. There are two speedy girls, one speedy chap and two guys just heading off down the shops for a pint of milk.

One of the girls is shipping more sweat that even me. At one point she briefly takes her hands off the drops to pull her shirt over her head and chuck it on the floor. I don’t want to appear sexist but I think a bloke would have been thrown out for doing that.

When I’ve done my session, I get the bus home. L and the boys meet me off it.

(Tuesday 26th January)

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