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Monday 11 January 2016

Just Another Monday

Just another Monday then, minus David Bowie of course. OMG. It was bad enough losing Lemmy last week. That said David, it’s a hell of a way to promote your new album and I jest not. That is what he’s actually done.

The weather, perhaps appropriately, is back to greyness.

Companies hardly come more annoying than Microsoft but this latest 'Active View' thing of theirs that they’ve added to emails where it turns a link into a snippet of the article with a photo is really annoying. Problem is you have no control over the sender’s account so you have to put up with it. L’s Hotmail/Outlook account has been infested with it, hopefully I’ll at least be able to get that one turned off somehow.

L swims and has to battle with some ‘super speedy large bearded bloke’. So she hit him in the face with her pull-buoy. That's my girl. She claims it was accidental but she would say that wouldn’t she. I do it all the time and I’m sure he took it in his stride.

At the dentist tonight or rather the hygienist, doing what the dentist used to do. Now dentists just charge you to look in your mouth, doing something is extra and preferably by someone else. The appointment goes smoothly, apart from the usual (ignored) demands to floss, but the waiting to pay afterwards takes ages and I run out of time to get my own swim in.

Derby draw Manchester United in the Cup at home. It would have been nice to have got a big team to test our reserves against but it is what it is. They’ll have to do.

(Monday 11th January)

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