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Monday 25 January 2016

Light Bulb Moment

The legs are mighty stiff after last night brutality on the velodrome boards and I’m walking a bit like the older of our two dogs today.

Every week has to be something doesn’t it and this week is National Breakfast Week. Whatever next. Is Breakfast just for one week a year?

In a moment of wide awake-ness L has a light bulb moment and realises the amount of time she spends in the land of nod might be because she’s been taking anti-histamines since Christmas. Well at least that gets me off the hook.

So if she stops taking them she’ll be awake but will still be unable to get any work done due to her eyes itching and steaming.

I swim tonight but I’m totally outdone by a flip turning backstroker. 

(Monday 25th January)

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