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Friday 22 January 2016

Opt In

I opt in to a wet bike ride, I daren’t miss another one but I do end up soaked. It wasn’t raining as I was getting ready but it started lobbing it down the moment I got out the door. Was fun though.

Mo Farah has entered the World Half Marathon Championships in Cardiff. Looks like we have competition but he’s probably just after the t-shirt.

L says this is her. 

Only you can't see if the lass is sat on a gym ball or not, trying to stay awake, as L is. I suggest that perhaps she should just give into it. Sleep at work, then she’ll be wide away for book reading and other stuff at home.

She does complain that she’s simply not cracking on with her books. What she needs is a good long winded dog show to start catching up. Oh look. I have two of those coming up in quick succession.

(Friday 22nd January)

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