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Friday 8 January 2016

Gym Balls

My opponent's back seems to be ok so I attempt to book squash for next week but fail as they’re booked up. Perhaps I was wrong and everyones New Year's resolutions haven’t already crashed and burned.

L is apparently sat at the office on a gym ball which conjures up quite an image. If you 'google' there are plenty of images of appropriate (and inappropriate) uses for gym balls, a lot of them rather intriguingly indecent. Luckily she also has a gym ball at home and today is Friday.

I’m on the bus today and after work I head to the velodrome for a Watt Bike session. For once my personal stalker is nowhere to be found. 5k warm up, ramp session to 315 watts, 5k warm down, brisk 5k to finish. Knackered after that lot.

L warns that if she’s not around when I get home she’s either taken the boys our for a walk or she’s upstairs draped over the gym ball. I’m hoping for the latter. 

(Friday 8th January)

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