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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Couples Run

L has timetabled a long jog/plod/run today as training for the Four Villages Half Marathon which is only two weeks away. Sounds good, I wonder if I’m allowed to join her. Not that I’m trying to make sure she doesn’t back out of it or something.

She walks the boys and then I run with her. She assures me it will be incredibly gentle. Perfect. My sort of run.

We run out towards Trowell and then back through Bramcote. It goes pretty well I think although neither of us measures it, so we have no idea how far we ran. I’d guess it was around eight miles and it was great to run together, it’s been ages since we did that.

Back home, despite being deserted for a while, MD still seems knackered and although he does try to get some ball chucking going we don’t take the bait. Therefore it’s out third consecutive ball free day.

(Sunday 3rd January)

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