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Tuesday 12 January 2016

Simply Awful

There's a match tonight, so I park up at my parents' and run the five miles into work. The run was quite good, although I struggled to hear my audiobook over the traffic and with the all American hero about to be interrogated by the Stasi this was far from ideal. 

The run was also nowhere near as fast as Sunday’s with L, naturally. The weather is cold and drizzly but not too bad, I don’t pull anything vital.

L says it’s freezing out there but call me pedantic but it’s raining, therefore it can’t be freezing because if it was it would be snowing. She reports that the pool is back to being empty, so presumably everyone has now binned their New Year’s Resolutions and therefore we can all get back to normal.

After work I run the five miles back the other way. Again it goes well and again I don’t pull anything but I’ll be hoping for better luck later.

Derby draw 1-1 with Reading and even the manager admits afterwards that it was ‘an awful game, an awful team performance, we were individually awful.

I have to say it’s very refreshing to have a manager that actually seems to have watched the same game as us. I’m not sure that’s ever happened at Derby before. Normally you get managers who says week after week that ‘we played well and were unlucky’ when it was blindingly obvious that that wasn’t the case.

What he didn’t say tonight was that it was all his own fault as he tried out a new formation to incorporate one of the new players. Everyone just looked confused, except Reading that is.

Afterwards we support the Navigation and try to keep it in business during the difficult month of Dryanuary. L is at home in bed, exhausted after a night book clubbing. 

(Tuesday 12th January)

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