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Sunday 24 January 2016

More Brutality At The Velodrome

L runs with MD while the two less dynamic old men in the family (Doggo and I) take a gentle amble down the paper shop.

I’m actually keeping my powder dry for tonight’s SQT session at Derby Velodrome. It is only my second Sunday night session with the big boys (and girls). Quite noticeably I am the only one without my own bike. I might as well have ‘novice’ stamped in big letters on my forehead. My father again turns up to watch the carnage unfold.

The 'warm up' is once again impressively brutal, I am proud to say I hung in there while others fell by the wayside. The survivors come off the track to find several bodies collapsed in chairs and one girl flat out on the floor hyperventilating muttering ‘I’m warm, I’m warm’. So that's the warm up sorted, now to get slaughtered in the Keirin.

L, clearly not prepared to be outdone, gets her road bike out and bikes over to meet us. I’m impressed. She’s not so impressed when her lights die with quite a few miles still to go. I tell her to cycle on the pavement with no lights like everyone else does.

Afterwards, a few recovery pints are required and we head to the Horse and Jockey and then to the Park Tandoori for a Takeaway Curry.

(Sunday 24th January)

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