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Friday 15 January 2016


L’s Ironwoman friend says she can see that L has an Ironman in her. L fell about laughing at that comment but once she’s got that Vitruvian under her belt in 2017, who knows...

Meanwhile her lowly half-ironman other half heads off for a 'small' watt bike session. Only small because I have a race on Sunday you know. I have to fight my way through a sea of mortar boards to get there, there’s been a right infestation of them across Pride Park all week. They’ve been holding the Graduation Ceremonies inside the velodrome.

Which is so not the place for it. Inside graduation frocks and sweaty gym kit mingle uneasily together. Not a great combo. I tried my hardest not to drip on anyone but unfortunately I think I inadvertently photobombed several once in a lifetime souvenir photos.

(Friday 15th January)

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