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Wednesday 15 March 2017

Easy Come, Easy Go

L has now been to her GP about her ongoing injury problems. She has now been told to exercise as much as possible and she's been given some extra strong drugs so that she can do so. They’re also sending her for physio, the free NHS variety.

It’s a rather nice surprise when Wimbledon tickets arrive through the post this morning but then just as I’m getting all excited and planning my outfit, L tells me they’re not for us. Apparently she has applied on behalf of her sister. Easy come, easy go.

Tonight we do actually get a flat viewing in, in fact two in the same block. Both seem promising, one more so than the other.

Then we head over to visit L’s parents. I actually get to join her for a change as I’m not dog training this week. However, this also means that there isn’t really any excuse for a pint. 

(Wednesday 15th March)

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