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Wednesday 29 March 2017


I had spent yesterday evening dusting down my best bike in preparation of riding it to work today. That is literally dusting it down, as it’s been a while since it’s been out, and my normal bike is spokeless. Then I spent half the night listening to the rain pounding against the bedroom window. This would have been romantic had L not being on an extended holiday in the land of nod.

The morning is no drier. So, as I’m not getting the best bike wet, I’m on the bus.

L is still stressed, so the holiday didn’t work then, and she launches a ‘calmness project’ which involves only reading one book at a time rather than her usual half a dozen. Personally, I say, if reading is so stressful then don’t do it but I am happy to help. We can put all her books in a locked room and I will feed them to her, one at a time.

Dogging tonight but without L, so no pub.

(Wednesday 29th March)

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