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Monday 20 March 2017

Responsible Kids?

Harvey Hadden are thankfully back to three lanes for our 6am morning swim. The swim is good apart from all the half marathon induced aches.

Doggo seems to be constipated which most likely means he’s eaten something he shouldn’t have. So we’re all waiting (eagerly) for whatever it is to come out. I have checked all my clothes for missing sleeves etc but they all seem to be intact. So wonder what it will be? It’s almost exciting. I just hope the surprise isn't waiting for us in the kitchen when we get home tonight.

Daughter’s new job have signed her up into a pension scheme, Son’s new job have signed him up into a pension scheme. What’s the world coming to? (Almost) responsible kids paying into pension funds.

It’s the dog club committee meeting tonight and these meetings seem to get longer and longer now that we have got rid of the people who used to drag things out. Hmmm.

(Monday 20th March)

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