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Tuesday 7 March 2017

The Oddity

There’s a match tonight, so I’m in the car again but not in the gym. I shall let my ageing body have a day off.

L is still miffed that they are closing a lane at John Carroll pool, presumably to save money on lifeguards. However according to the HSE’s website, it appears that they are under no obligation to have anyone present all. It will be up to the council’s own H&S policy, which presumably they will have tied themselves in knots with.

While I am out tonight, the oddity that is Chicken Shepherds Pie is being served at home by special request. Meanwhile I’ll be on the microwave meals at my Mum's. L and Daughter will have earned their oddity after a night of flat hunting, unpleasant flats that is that are not as at all as advertised. The hunt goes on.

Derby meanwhile draw 1-1 with Preston. 

(Tuesday 7th March)

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