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Monday 13 March 2017

Flat Hunting Or Not

We do the 6am morning swim again, which goes well although oddly they only initially open two lanes rather than the usual three and they are rammed. Eventually, when most people have already given up and gone, they open the third.

Last night Derby County sacked Steve McClaren again. Frankly, I’m speechless and it seems utterly ridiculous to me. Although I haven’t yet gotten my head around why they reappointed him in the first place. Actually I’ve still not gotten my head around exactly why they sacked Paul Clement, which was only last February but is now four managers ago. Next up apparently is Gary Rowett.Good luck Gary.

We were all keyed up for a flat viewing with Daughter tonight but that has now been put back to Wednesday. Luckily, this time I made sure to bring my gym kit just in case... I didn’t when the other one was cancelled last week.

So I do a session on the Watt Bike and then get home in time for another viewing which is scheduled for 7:30. However it appears that no one has told the tenant that they need to be there to let us in because they don't show up. Therefore, it’s a wasted journey. This flat hunting business isn’t going well so far.

(Monday 13th March)

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