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Thursday 23 March 2017

Limping Home Together

I’m on the bike this morning but running too late to assist with the dog walking. So I apologise to MD, who I’m sure was pulling his ears off in frustration at the slowness of having Doggo accompanying them.

L is pulling her ears off in frustration at feeling so unexercised even though she did swim this morning but I best make her walk to the pub tonight.

Just as I’m riding across Pride Park on why way home I hear a loud crack and think something has broken on my bike. Although it still appears to be working... hang on, the rear brake is now rubbing... because the wheel is seriously buckled... because I have snapped two spokes and buckled a few others. How did that happen? Must have ran over something. My bike and I limp home together. 

Later we head to the Dispensary and dark ale number 163, Black Iris’s Rise And Shine.

(Thursday 23rd March)

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