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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Not Really My Forte

This is L.

I may need to book myself into a different resort for the weekend?

Daughter gets her first pay cheque from her new job and asks me to do her a budget. So I adapt my own ‘financials’ spreadsheet. All I need to do then is to follow orders and make it funky. There is colour in it but clearly not enough, she says it needs the odd picture of a cat or something. Not really my forte.

We thought we’d lost Doggo’s brother this morning who has seemingly been struggling with his back legs more than Doggo has but he seemed to rally as soon as he got within sniffing distance of the vets. Good for him.

We have our second dogging session of the week today, this is because it’s our favourite trainer again. L doesn’t come this time but she has promised Doggo a nice chicken breast when he gets home. No wonder that dog is giving up dog food.

(Wednesday 22nd March)

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