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Tuesday 14 March 2017

Joint Aid

Yay, on the bike today after a slow morning amble with Doggo where we just do a short loop around the streets to save time.

A couple of things we won’t be doing this year are the Salford swim which appears to have completed disappeared from the Great Swim schedule and also a birthday run in Vienna.

L isn’t back up and running yet and I’m a birthday run in Vienna just wouldn’t be the same if only one of us was running. Personally, I’d rather defer it and do it later in the year. Malmo is September is calling to me.

Instead we could always do a short birthday break somewhere in the UK where we can take the dogs. Although L might make the sign of the cross at that but, then again, she would be ok with it if it was in a nice cosy cottage for the old man’s joints. Doggo's joints that is, not mine.

L is out again tonight, at her book club. She was also out on the razz last night and she says I'm never in. I will have my feet up for most of this week as I have no dogging at all.

(Tuesday 14th March)

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