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Tuesday 21 March 2017

Meeting Myself Coming Back

Very occasionally we both wake up before the alarm, meaning there's time for a romantic kick start to the day before walking the dogs whilst still making it to the pool for a few lengths. Well, not the pool bit for me obviously but everything else went swimmingly .

Getting in the car spoils it. The traffic is pretty bad which makes me late but bizarrely there are still several free car parking places, so everyone else must be stuck somewhere as well.

This morning, I received the following email...

“Congratulations on finishing the Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon 2017. Despite the weather, we hope you had a good race and day? Please fill in our race survey below.”

Then this afternoon, I received the following email...

“We are really sorry if you just received the Cambridge Half Marathon Survey email and you didn't actually take part. This was a mistake and should have only gone to participants.”

My mother has always said that one day I will meet myself coming back and I thought for a minute there I’d managed it and achieved the elusive being in two places at once trick. Oh well, I shall keep trying. It is an ambition of mine.

Tonight there is a meeting about the new Derby County website and I’m on the testing team, so I go straight there from work. It’s just a brief session but I’m not that impressed. The proposed new website is very flash of course but when their ‘fixture list’ option can only fit one fixture on the screen at once you know it’s all style over substance. Unfortunately this is what they think people want these days and obviously some people do but not me.

It’s dogging later and afterwards at the Mason where it’s still same beers despite the fact I’ve missed a week off.

(Tuesday 21st March)

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