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Saturday 11 March 2017

Internet Sensation

I don’t parkrun as I have the Retford Half Marathon tomorrow, which of course means MD doesn’t get to run either and nor does L, as she’s still injured. She marshals while I chuck balls for the boys.

L is marshalling up on the hill where it is imperative the runners go the right sides of the right trees to get the distance right. Despite running the route herself, week in week out, she’s not convinced she’s put the cones in the right place.

Of course, if she gets it wrong all hell will break loose and she’ll be an internet sensation by this evening. No pressure.

As we’re having our ball chuck, MD hears the klaxon thing that they use to get everybody to assemble for the briefing and promptly runs off to join them. I think he’s missing it you know. I have to physically restrain him when they actually start.

Although it’s not him but Doggo who joins in when they come past us for a second lap. He probably thinks he’s running alongside his Mum but his eyesight’s not the best.

L then has Pilates before heading into town and then off to Puregym at Beeston. Phew. The boys and I just slob out at home.

Later we have a romantic night in, albeit an AF one, and it’s not even Friday. 

(Saturday 11th March)

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