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Friday 1 December 2017

Too Good To Turn Down

I’m on the bus as its cold and icy again. In fact the pavements are so icy it could be hard work for Doggo on his walk. L is off work today and she delays their trip out to give things time to thaw out.

After work L comes over to join me in Derby Arena’s gym.

It’s the World Cup draw tonight and England find out that they will face Belgium, Panama and Tunisia. That’s us out then, although it couldn’t really be any easier. Not that it matters, it’s in Russia so you know who’s going to win.

One of FIFA's greatest critics, Gary Lineker, is in Moscow helping with the draw. Presumably the money was just too good to turn down. Come to think of it, why is anyone in the land of state sponsored doping working for an organisation that is on trial in New York on corruption charges. As yes, the money was just too good to turn down. 

(Friday 1st December)

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