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Wednesday 6 December 2017

Anyone Confused?

I’m in the car today because I have another opticians appointment back in Nottingham after work as they continue their quest to improve my long range sight without worsening my near sight. There are some signs of success tonight but I won’t get too excited yet.

While I’m doing that Daughter and L are getting in some miles running from home.

In Derby it is announced that the shopping centre that most people knew as the Eagle Centre but was then redeveloped as the Westfield Centre before being sold and becoming the Intu Centre has been sold again. It will now be the Hammerson Centre. Anyone confused? It’s like the constant renaming of football stadia, what’s the point? How can you build a reputation for something you’re renaming every week. Give it a name and then stick to it. You know, like the old days. 

(Wednesday 6th December)

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