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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Dark And Creepy

L and MD have spent the last few mornings arguing (nothing new there). He'd much rather be playing ball in the garden than being dragged round the streets on a walk. So this morning L decides to take him on the park which is dark and creepy, although she does have MD to protect her. They also keep losing the ball in the gloom because he’s hopeless, his eyesight is worse than mine. These are all the reasons why they haven’t been going on the park recently but at least MD seemed happier.

A lot of people seem to be already on their Christmas break because I drive to the post office to pick up a parcel this morning and I’m still mega early for work. There’s very little traffic on the roads. It’s a big box that I collect, I think rather conveniently all my presents have come in one parcel. It’s just a shame I can’t hand them out like that.

At lunch time L sends me to Sainsbury’s for a new meat pan because ours is ancient and we don’t want to poison my Mum and Dad on Boxing Day. She also sends me for my choice of green veg. Veg that isn’t green would be my choice and as it turns out L’s own personal choice would be broccoli and cauliflower. Yes, cauliflower isn’t even green.

In the evening the dogs and I go sit in the Dispensary where we wait for L to turn up, she’s running there. 

(Thursday 21st December)

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