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Wednesday 20 December 2017


On the bike! Blimey! It’s been a while and it’s only my second ride in December.

It’s also the pub today and festive venison casserole. L is not so lucky. Half a ham roll (white), half a mini scotch egg and a slice of manky pizza as she gets railroaded into yet another fuddle she wasn't expecting. Christmas is guaranteed to bring out the best in slag food.

She was looking forward to her own homemade soup for lunch. Bah humbug etc etc. She’s says her New Year's Resolution is to cheer up.

Well at least they didn’t expect her to fuddle her soup and there’s no need to cheer up. I have a proud record of never having partaken in a fuddle that I don’t intend to relapse on.

Daughter decides not to come round for tea tonight having exhausted herself Christmas shopping, I just hope she hasn’t exhausted her bank account too. So she’s dipped out of one of my meals again, I could get a complex about this.

L says as compensation I could take her to the pub if I wanted. But if we go to the pub today, then what will we do tomorrow? Go to the pub again I suppose.

In the end we stay in and admire our new candle bridge which is just like next door’s. Don't you just hate people who copy. It was an expensive acquisition from B & M Bargains, the go to place.

(Wednesday 20th December)

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