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Tuesday 5 December 2017

That Extra Touch Of Luxury

On the bike today, after I've walked Doggo. L walks MD, and while our walk is tranquil theirs is disrupted by two cats and two imaginary dogs. Although, if they were imaginary, then I’m not sure how L knew they were dogs?

Doggo then eats most of his breakfast despite having cheese and pate last night. He now also gets his duvet laid out in the hall for him for that extra touch of luxury while we’re at work.

Despite, as always, telling me not to get her anything L sends through her Christmas  wishlist. Previously, just myself under the tree had been fine. Not that we have a tree. Now it turns out that I am allowed to get her some more of what she already has plenty of, e.g. books and boots. As it’s Christmas, I will oblige and the boots are just as much a present for me anyway.

Dog training tonight and L is at her folks'. Afterwards in the Masons it’s the same old beer, so no Christmas cheer there then.

(Tuesday 5th December)

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