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Tuesday 12 December 2017

The Full Breakfast Buffet

In an endeavour to stop Doggo losing weight he is now basically being offered full choice from the entire breakfast buffet. He does a pretty good ‘all you can eat’ this morning, at least for an old dog.

I’m in the car today, so L sends me to Sainsbury’s for Brussels sprouts and Mackeson, among other things. I just hope she’s not doing the sprouts for tea, not even if they’re curried.

The reason I’m in the car is so that I can return home quickly, chuck a few balls, then head back over to Derby with my track bike for a session on the Velodrome at 8pm. Due to the pantomime being held there throughout December, options to ride the track are severely limited but tonight they have the first ever (to my knowledge) Vets session that isn’t during work hours. This is aimed at those over 40, so I qualify. What isn’t made clear is that there are no make weights in this session and no newbies. Unless you class me as a newbie in my first Vets session.

It could well be my last too. Honestly it was easier in the Sunday night all-comers session where the young legs of the serious racers and GB squad members are balanced out by a supply of fresh meat from the Accreditation system. Not so in the Vets.

L is back at book club tonight, after a few months off and mainly out of guilt. Unfortunately she re-joins just when it’s fuddle time. Ho ho bloody ho, as she would say.

(Tuesday 12th December)

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