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Sunday 10 December 2017

Snow Envy

Today we head over to see Son and his girlfriend in Leamington Spa, as a sort of a backup plan in case they can’t fit us in over Christmas.

It has snowed impressively in Nottingham this morning but by mid-afternoon a major thaw has set in and the roads to Leamington are fine. However, we have a touch of snow envy when we arrive as they’d had far more than us and they’re hanging onto it.

We have booked the White Horse and it’s a good job we did as they are not accepting any more bookings due to the weather!

After a decent evening with them, L suggests that rather than take them out for a meal next time we challenge them to a game of squash or badminton instead. This may have something to do with the fact that Son’s expanding waistline looks like it could do with a damn good squash match or three.  

(Sunday 10th December)

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