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Friday 15 December 2017

Curry For Beginners

L gets her first Christmas present of the year when a friend gives her snowman socks. Which, if she wears them today, is a way of (sort of) getting in the spirit of Christmas Jumper Day without actually participating.

Today is also my work’s night out which this year is a curry at Anoki in Derby which in my opinion is a serious upgrade on our normal Christmas Party night at the Roundhouse. The best bit of the evening is usually the pre-meal pub trip but this year everyone has decided to scrap that and stay in the office for drinks instead, with the company supplying plenty of bottles. It’s fun but its not the same.

During this the Secret Santa takes place and I get a miniature bottle of Baileys despite not actually contributing. 

Then it’s Anoki which many of us are really looking forward to as they have a very exciting menu. Only to be told when we get there that it’s a set menu. Oh. Which they only tell us about after they’ve sold everyone at least two drinks. Worst than that it’s a 'curry for beginners' set menu, so there's nothing remotely spicy. They do say we can add a few dishes, so I add a Jalfrezi. When this comes it is quite simply the hottest variation I’ve ever seen presumably to shut me up for being awkward.

So not a perfect night but still much better than the Roundhouse. We roll out of the restaurant quite late and for some reason end up in a bar called Seymours. Which, as it happens, is the bar in which I once seduced a young girl called L. Ah, sweet memories.

I believe the rest of our crowd then went clubbing but I get 12:15 bus home. L did offer to pick me up but I didn’t want to come between her and a glass of wine. She also threatened to turn up in her new fleecy PJs, although that sort of thing, e.g. driving around in PJs, is very in vogue at the moment.

They’re all in bed when I get home apart from Doggo who is waiting downstairs for me or perhaps he's just waiting for someone to give him a hand getting up the stairs.

(Friday 15th December)

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