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Sunday 17 December 2017

In The Yard

After a king sized lie-in we eventually emerge and head to the Gym at Derby Arena.

L did have grand plans to treat me to a showing of Elf at Broadway but sadly (perhaps) it’s sold out.

After the gym, we try out Derby County’s new bar/restaurant which is called The Yard. The name comes from the train yards which originally stood on that spot before the stadium was built.

It is basically yet another glorified burger joint but they do have a few other dishes and we have what turns out to be a very average Sunday lunch.

To be fair they serve us beatifically cooked ‘pink’ roast beef but then leave it loitering on a wooden board to go cold before serving it to us. It is accompanied by vegetables which are wonderfully fresh but potatoes that are so hard I fear they’ve been hanging around all day.

Sadly the beer choice is out of the last century. No real ales, no craft ales. Of their two keg beers, the pale ale is off which leaves just keg Marston’s Pedigree which is a pale imitation of the cask version which itself is pale imitation of its former self.

Glad we’ve tried it but doubt we’ll be back.

(Sunday 17th December)

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